Jim started painting when he was 15 years old. His sister wanted to paint the utility room. She painted for about an hour and then decided she had had enough. So he volunteered to finish it. After that he painted the carport. Three or four years later he was working at a factory when his parents were going to visit churches to get support to go to Brazil to work as missionaries. He asked if he could take a leave of absence to go with them, but was denied. So he turned in his notice and trained a co-worker to take his place when he left.

He was raised in Tennessee so this was one of the places they were visiting to get financial support. So during this time he painted his aunt and grandmothers house. When he returned to Wisconsin he was asked how the trip went by the manager of his complex. He said it was not much of a vacation since he painted 2 houses. She asked if he would be interested in painting for the apartment complex since the painter had quit. He said yes . He worked there for about 12 years then started his own business outside of the complex.

During the time he worked at the complex Jim learned how to hang wallpaper and do drywall repair. Later on he started working with 3 other building contractors doing their painting and staining the cabinets and doors. He was then asked if he would be interested in staining and finishing the wood floors. It was during these next few years that Jim had become an expert in finishing wood floors.

In the late 90’s Jim moved to Tucson. He started a painting business here. During this time he worked with a handyman who taught him even more, and said if he ever needed help to give him a call. He got him a job working with the same realty company doing repairs on their properties.

Later on his parents purchased some rental properties. Jim repairs just about anything these days. When something goes wrong he is the one person they trust to do the job right the first time. When a new job or task comes up, first, he would read and do research and figure out how to fix it. Now Jim is an experienced handyman who does a lot more handyman related services. But he still loves to paint.